Light rail dispute North America

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Light rail dispute North America

The service provided by Andromeda for a Client in North America demonstrated the capability of the team and illustrates the approach taken when providing expert services.

The expert used was possible able to cover several topic area which made the interfaces with lawyers, stakeholders and others easier because the subject matter was complex and interrelated. The initial work involved reviewing large amounts of technical information in different formats and this required a thorough but pragmatic approach to assessing the information. The expert was able to quickly assess the relevant information and therefore provided considerable value by avoiding the unnecessary review and assessment of information not directly relevant.

The report produced was concise but comprehensive and widely praised for the way it presented complex topics in ways that could be easily understood. Widespread use of graphics and other tools ensured that the different aspects of the case could be understood and the expert remained fully independent at all times presenting both sides of each contentious point whilst clearly detailing the facts associated with the case.

As the case progressed other expert witness report were critiqued and responses to support ongoing negotiations were provided at short notice. Andromeda recognise the service provided needs to be 24/7 to support legal proceedings and the involvement of people from across the globe. The case went to court and the expert witness provided evidence and was cross examined. The client was delighted with the way that the evidence presented in both written form and verbally in court stood up to challenge and complemented Andromeda on the service provided.