Cardiff Intersection Bridge

An award winning project delivering a first of its kind solution and £19m cost saving to the client.


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Cardiff Intersection Bridge

An award winning project delivering a first of its kind solution and £19m cost saving to the client.


The challenge

Andromeda were approached and asked to develop an innovative, cost effective engineering solution for a complex structure requiring OLE clearance.

The Cardiff Intersection Bridge is a substantial, skewed crossing of the Cardiff and Merthyr line with the South Wales Mainline, located a few hundred metres east of Cardiff Central station.

The complex nature of the structure, including the railway geometry and a major culvert beneath the structure, meant the original design included major works to rebuild the bridge at an estimated cost of approximately £20m.

The solution

We developed an innovative proof of concept that clearly demonstrated an alternative design solution, avoiding the need for substantial works, cost and disruption, to rebuild the bridge.

Our solution identified the benefits of utilising the latest insulation coating technology to provide an electrically insulating layer to the bridge to support reduced electrical clearance. This was the first proposal of its kind for new electrification, having only ever previously been used on existing electrified lines.

Electrical surge arresters were included in the design to ensure potential transient over-voltages at the bridge would be safely controlled without the need for additional clearance.

Cardiff Intersection Bridge

Cardiff Intersection Bridge

Stakeholder management

Driving a collaborative approach to utilising innovation, managing the risk and decision making, was vital in securing support from a wide range of stakeholders for our non-conventional proposal. We secured approval for our innovative solution from Network Rail Infrastructure Projects (IP). Wales Route and Safety, Technical and Engineering (STE).

Working alongside STE we supported the testing of our solution at a high voltage laboratory at Southampton University, which confirmed even stronger than anticipated test results for the concept.

Once the solution was approved key to the success of this project was our commitment to leading the stakeholder management, ensuring all our key stakeholders were satisfied with each stage of the works.

Project delivery

Driving a collaborative approach to utilising innovation and managing the risk was vital in securing the support from a wide range of stakeholders for our innovative design.

We led a Strategy Steering Group and Delivery Working Group to ensure a top-down approach was adopted for collaboration. The group met regularly to discuss all the key areas, ensuring clear and concise deliverables for implementation. This approach also achieved significant efficiencies and truly demonstrated what can be achieved when industry partners come together to achieve a common goal.

We successfully managed the interface with contractors and organisations who were contracted to Network Rail throughout the project, including Siemens, GLS Coating and Southampton University.


Cardiff Interchange Bridge - Project Delivery Diagram

Taking the lead

Aspects of the project delivered by Andromeda included…

  • Design activities
  • Level 2 Building Information Modelling (BIM)
  • Key stakeholder management
  • Supporting Common Safety Method (CSM) risk assessments
  • Overseeing the high voltage laboratory testing